Earn some CASH with our new affiliate program!

This year has seen outstanding growth in every area of YoloBJJ‘s market presence. We now have retail stores on three continents and are in discussions with a retailer on a fourth!) and this past month has set records for our viewership and sales!

Affiliate Marketing is the perfect way to "share the wealth" with the BJJ Community!

Affiliate Marketing is the perfect way to “share the wealth” with the BJJ Community!

Our product line has grown from one gi (in three colors) to three five separate gi lines, including competition, superlights, ultralights, bamboo models, youth specific models and are in the sample stages of a fourth line designed specifically for beginners *update: Check out the “GOTM” brand here: http://www.yolobjj.com/go-kimonos/ ! We also have a full range of ranked rasghuards in every color and in both long and short sleeves as well as our VERY popular “Renaissance” rashguard, and fight shorts as well. As I said, the growth we have experienced this year has been phenomenal! But we know we still have a long way to go and that is where you come in! Continue reading