The Pro’s and Con’s of Private lessons (and why you should GO FOR IT)!

About two years ago I had decided that I spent way to much time and money on “stuff” and not enough on “experiences”. This was just before I decided to sell everything I had ever worked for and to devote my life to training BJJ and discovering the world. Well…since that time I have spent a LOT of time and money on private lessons.

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AJ Agazarm

I honestly can’t remember the first time I trained with AJ. I am pretty sure that it was at a pass-through seminar set-up by my Professor, Dustin Ware. Professor Ware organizes and promotes the largest grappling tournaments in the mid-west, the American Grappling Challenge and AJ went to the Ohio State University for wrestling so they go back a ways!

My first private with AJ Agazarm.

My first private with AJ Agazarm.

Anyway, what I can say is that somewhere along the line I started taking private lessons from AJ and have learned A LOT from him.

For those who aren’t familiar, AJ Agazarm is a Gracie Barra Black belt under Professor Eduardo  De Lima and won his first No-Gi World Championship in 2014, along with numerous Brazilian and Pan-American championships as well.

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Rodrigo Pagani – The Gangster

Rodrigo Pagani is an OG Black belt from the Saulo Ribiero Jiu-Jitsu team. He is also the Director for the RJJA in Brazil and the creator of both the Magretti choke AND the Curu Curu Guard!

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Kurt Osiander Seminar

I got back to Ohio from Cozumel, MX on May 19th and found that there were no slots available for the upcoming Osiander seminar on June 6th at The Ohio Combat Sports Academy in Reynoldsburg, OH. I was pretty bummed– I knew things were tight in my schedule and I had managed to work things clear for that day. Imagine my surprise when, two days before the seminar I got a message saying that 3 slots had opened up! I jumped on it, of course, and was excited for what turned out to be a 4-hour seminar!

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History Lesson with Master Royler Gracie!

Back in the spring of this year (2014) I was lucky enough to reserve a spot for the Master Royler Gracie seminar at Gracie Humaita, Cleveland. This was a very exciting event for me since Master Royler has always been  one of my favorite fighters! I remember watching him fight in Pride and in Abu Dhabi way back in the day.

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Robson Moura Seminar

This is another of those experiences that happened shortly before my decision to devote my life to the pursuit of BJJ. I was still a three stripe blue belt (I never did technically get that fourth stripe,as I was surprised by my professor with a purple belt about six months after this seminar) and signed up for this seminar after watching Stuart Copper’s video on Robson (which is STILL one of his best IMHO, and can be seen here).Robson and I

I showed up for this seminar, held at Ronin training center and,I will admit, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I mean, it isn’t everyday that one gets to train with a 5x time Mundial champion! I was, in fact, pretty intimidated. I was worried about what it would be like to be around and train with a competitor of that level! Would he be a BJJ Drill Sergeant?! Honestly, I had been up very late the night before with another obligation ad was tired as hell and was worried that I wouldn’t be up to a “high-intensity” workout!

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Marcio Stambowsky Seminar and Private

OK, Technically this was before the day I decided to begin my life as a BJJ Nomad  but Master Marcio Stambowsky is so significant I felt he belonged here.Marcio

This was a combo seminar with a private session just before the seminar. This seminar took place at at the Ohio Combat Sports Academy in Reynoldsburg, OH. I got a last minute opportunity to split a private with my training mate Andrew so I jumped on it. Continue reading

Dean Lister’s top 3 tips to improve my guard pass!

Well, The Real BJJ YOLO started last night at 5:30 pm at Kodiak Jiu-Jitsu in Delaware Ohio. I heard via facebook that there was a last minute opening for a private session with, none other than, Dean Lister: 3 time ADCC champ! I normally don’t spend the kind of money it takes get a private lesson with a world class BJJ player but with my new mindset of just “going for it” I jumped on it!

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