BJJ Cambodia – Phnom Penh

When I rolled into Phnom Penh, Cambodia I was DYING for some BJJ!!! I had spent the last three weeks in areas where there wasn’t any jits and so I was, possibly literally, dying for some mat time. No joke, the first ten days (spent Skydiving and beaching in Langkawi, Malaysia) went pretty well. Then, by day 15, I started to develop an eye twitch that seemed to get worse as each day passed. By day 17 the headaches started. These weren’t your normal, behind the eyes type of headaches. These were the back of the neck, running over the top of your head, tension style headaches. It’s no joke when I say that I get physically ill when I don’t have some BJJ in my life. (Seriously, I went through more flexeril trying to get rid of that headache than I have in the past two years combined!) Continue reading