Cozumel, MX: March 18-25, 2017

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YoloBJJ Paradise SCUBA-Jitsu Get-away!

For our first training camp we are heading back to one of the first destinations of the YoloBJJ journey: Cozumel, MX! Cozumel is a beautiful, tropical, Caribbean island conveniently located off the coast of the Mayan Riviera just a one-hour flight from Miami or two-hour flight from Dallas Fort Worth airport and / or a 30 minute ferry ride from Cancun.

Coz boats

One of many “Wild” beaches on Cozumel Island.

Let’s cut to the Chase! You LOVE Jiu-Jitsu, and you NEED a great vacation…but how can you do both with so little time? The answer is easy: YoloBJJ’s SCUBA-Jitsu train-cation getaway!

8 Days / 7 Nights ALL-INCLUSIVE stay on the beautiful island of Cozumel Mexico! You’ll be sunning, swimming, beaching, and even, yes, SCUBA-diving during the days and training BJJ in the evenings (actually, in the mornings too 🙂  ) on this amazing island in the Mexican Caribbean!

Let's go here!

Let’s go here!

No time to be dealing with all the details of booking a room, finding places to eat, not to mention how to even get there? No Problem! YoloBJJ is going to do all of that for you!

Everything on the island will be taken care of for you! Lodging, meals, snacks, transportation, Jiu-Jitsu and even SCUBA-diving!


I’ve heard enough, I’m in!!!

You want to know more?! That’s fair. Let’s talk about what you will be getting when you sign up for this amazing SCUBA-Jitsu getaway!

Cozumel, Island MX.


Cozumel: Quite, friendly, and beautiful.


Some of the most beautiful stretches of beach in the world!

The beautiful Island of Cozumel lies just off the eastern coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, a short ferry ride from Playa Del Carmen on the Mexican Riviera. It is home to one of the friendliest populations to be found anywhere in the world and, to top it off, it has some of the most beautiful beaches and best SCUBA-diving in the world as well!

Cozumel is known for some of the OP scuba diving in the world!

Cozumel is known as one of the top scuba diving spots in the world!

The lodging:

In my travels around the world I have been fortunate enough to find some of the most amazing locations. Here in Cozumel, I stumbled upon this beauty of a compound and knew it would be perfect for our vacation training camp. YoloBJJ has secured the entire compound for this event so you will be surrounded by like-minded people looking for a great week of sun, fun, adventure, and Jiu-Jitsu!


Enjoy a siesta in the hammocks between training, eating and sunning !

Lodging is simple, clean, dormitory style bunks split into two, air-conditioned rooms of eight beds each. This is perfect for our camp because it means camp size will be limited to sixteen attendees, our two AMAZING Professors (more on that) as well as a few, very special guests 🙂 The perfect size for an intimate, personalized Jiu-Jitsu vacation experience!


Daily maid service in the A/C rooms.


Exquisite pool and sundeck to while away the day.


Small dorms with large lockers for your goodies.

Amenities – Our compound comes loaded with a gorgeous swimming pool with sundeck, for the easy-going mornings, and a palapa covered pool table for chilling out with friends in the evenings. All of this in a safe, walled compound devoted just to us!


Coconut palms as well as mango and avocado trees frame the over-sized, tri-level swimming pool.

Daily maid service is included, so don’t bother with making your bed 🙂 After you have had breakfast and lounged around the pool for a few hours you will return to find everything tidied up and ready for your afternoon siesta.

Catch a snooze in one of the hammocks after a swim.

Catch a snooze in one of the hammocks after a swim.

The Food:

We know that one of the most important aspects of a great vacation is great food! All of your meals and snacks are included in the package so don’t worry about going hungry!


Burrito Gorditos…my fave burritos on Earth! So Fresh!


If there is ONE dish synonymous with Cozumel, it is Taco’s Pastores! MMMMM…I can’t wait!

Breakfasts will consist of fresh fruits, breads and homemade empanadas from one of our favorite locals as well as freshly made fruit juices like orange, mango, passion-fruit and coconut.

Lunches will be catered in by one of the many local island eateries including the world famous “Burrito Gorditos”! Delicious hand-wrapped burritos made to order with only the freshest ingredients like fresh chicken, avocado and steamed rice, oh… and be careful with that habanero sauce! 😉

Fresh meats, avocados, steamed rice with homemade guacamole and habanero salsa...Mmm-Mmm!

Fresh meats, herbs, veggies and steamed rice with homemade guacamole and habanero salsa…Mmm-Mmm!

Dinners will be “out-on-the-town” as I will be personally taking everyone out to dinner at one of my many favorite places to eat! Cozumel has so many delicious restaurants to choose from! The tacos Pastores at Los Seras are not to be missed and the huaraches at Chilangos will certainly be on our list as well!

One of my personal favorites...Casa Cuzamil will host our "welcome" and "farewell" dinners.

One of my personal favorites…Casa Cuzamil will host our “welcome” and “farewell” dinners.

One great thing about Cozumel, everything here is made fresh! Nobody uses frozen entrees or microwaves to prepare their meals. It’s all about fresh vegetables, spices and meats going into a delicious fusion of traditional Yucatecan flavors and modern Mexican cuisine…mmmm!


What would a WORLD-CLASS Jiu-Jitsu train-cation be without some WORLD-CLASS JiuJitsu?! For this camp we are partnering with two AMAZING, world-class Professors to bring to us their AWESOME styles of BJJ!

Professor Jorge Gurgel:

Jorge4th degree Black Belt, Professor Jorge Gurgel is a multi-time Brazilian Ceara State Champion, Ultimate Fighting Championship veteran, Strikeforce veteran and coach of some of the most talented MMA fighters in the world. Joe Rogan once referred to him as one of the “…best BJJ for MMA coaches  in the world”!

Professor Gurgel has an amazing, traditional, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu style. Do not EVER let him get on top, cause when he does, it’s like a ten-ton house just fell on you! Known for his high-energy seminars and constant sense of humor, Professor Jorge will be sharing his Jiu-Jitsu and having a great time with all of us at the camp!

Professor Renato Tavares: 13324366_10156913667015573_690216039_o (1)5th Degree Black Belt, Professor Renato is one of the living legends of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Professor Renato will be joining us in Cozumel to share the knowledge of his MANY years of intense study! Professor Renato carries the Carlson Gracie banner and represents one of the winning-est teams in the history of Jiu-Jitsu: American Top Team.

Having been promoted to Black Belt by Master Carlson Gracie himself and having shared the mats with some of the greatest legends of our sport like Ricardo De La Riva, Ricardo Liborio, Mario Sperry, Murillo Bustamante and so many more, Professor Renato is a technical mastermind and encyclopedia of Jiu-Jitsu history!

We are completely STOKED to have these two BJJ beasts at our Scuba-Jitsu camp this year!

We will be holding two training sessions per day: no-gi after breakfast and gi in the evening (for reasons of heat :-)). We will be rolling on custom made 2″ flex-roll mats for as much as two-hours per sessions. Private sessions can be arranged directly with the Professors (additional cost).


In life, like Jiu-Jitsu, we must always be looking to try new things in order to find new and amazing discoveries that can change the way we see our world! SCUBA-diving is one of those things!

Eagle rays

Once you enter the water on your “No-Cost” Discover SCUBA experience you will immediately discover an entirely new world where the only sound is your breathing, and your only thoughts will be…WOW! We chose Cozumel for this vacation camp because the SCUBA is world class with the second-largest barrier reef system in the world and amazing varieties of aquatic life like Sea Turtles, Eagle-Rays, Nurse-sharks and more!

Turtle big

Turtles are a favorite on the reefs of Cozumel.

Blanca with students

Professional instruction from the BEST in the business!

Nurse shark

Don’t worry, Nurse Sharks don’t bite 😉

As part of your ALL-INCLUSIVE train-cation you will be paired up with a fully qualified, and certified, PADI SCUBA instructor to show you the amazing underwater world in a way that you can only do through SCUBA! Not looking through tiny portholes or glass bottom boats, but right there, in the midst and a part of this incredible aquatic environment!

A Moray eel peaks out from under the reef in Cozumel,MX

A Moray eel peaks out from under the reef in Cozumel,MX

All the necessary equipment will be provided as well as transport to the site. Don’t worry, we’ve taken care of everything 🙂

Still want more?

We here at YoloBJJ know first-hand the importance of getting your money’s worth! You’ve sacrificed a lot of your life / time to make that money, so let us give you the absolute most we can for your vacation!

Besides, world-class Jiu-Jitsu, delicious, authentic Mexican meals, fresh fruits and juices, swimming pools, free SCUBA diving and nights out-on-the-town, let us make your vacation EVEN better! How about:

  • A day pass to the world-famous Chankanaab Eco-Park.
  • A trip to the “Wild-Side” of the island to spend a day at one of the finest beaches in the world!
  • Spend a night partying it up (if that’s your style) at the world Famous “Senor Iguanas” nightclub!
  • Meet and train with the local BJJ contingent from Gracie Barra Cozumel!
  • Free, daily laundry service to keep your Kimonos fresh and ready for the next class!
  • Special Guest – World-renowned Jiu-Jitsu photographer Mike Calimbas will be spending the week with us training, eating and photo-documenting the entire experience 🙂
    Calimbas - Hiding behind the lens as usual!

    Calimbas – Hiding behind the lens as usual!


    That is sooo much, Sign me up!





Okay! I think that is about everything! Whew, I won’t lie, it will be a sweet, but busy week if you cram in all of the available options! So, feel free to skip an outing and just lay around the pool if it meets your fancy! It’s your vacation and you are gonna love it!


One of the most beautiful beaches in the world! And we are going there!

Alright…so, your still not sure if there is enough awesomeness crammed into this ALL-INCLUSIVE week of training Jiu-Jitsu with amazing Jiu-Jitsu Instructors, SCUBA diving, eating and tanning in the Mexican sunshine!? ….Okay, let me throw in one more thing just to put this over the top! Everyone who signs up by January 1st, 2017 will get a FREE YoloBJJ “Voyager” Kimono.

The Voyager Kimono is YoloBJJ’s first “Ultra-light” travel kimono. Made of 100% light-weight rip-stop cotton, the Voyager is light, cool, and dries super-fast after washing so it is ready in a snap for the next training session. Oss! What are you waiting for?! Sign up now! Registration is limited to only 16 attendees so spots will fill up fast!


Chankanaab eco-park: click the pic to check out their site!


  • 8 D / 7 N Jiu-Jitsu training camp!
  • High level Jiu-Jitsu instruction all week – included!
  • Breakfast and lunch catered in – included!
  • All day fruits and snacks – included!
  • Dinners out-on-the-town – Included!
  • Two-tank “Discover Scuba” experience Included!
  • Tickets to the famous “Chankanaab eco-park” – Included
  • Pool time – Included
  • Beach time – Included
  • Laundry service – Included
  • Daily maid service – Included
  • Airport / ferry transfers – Included
  • Free Kimono (registered by January 1, 2017) – Included

This is THE camp to attend to give yourself a great vacation AND great Jiu-Jitsu! Spots are limited and already going fast! Don’t wait – sign up now!


Free Kimono too? Yep, I’m there!

 Still want to know more? See our FAQ or e-mail us here at with any specific questions you might have.