Earn some CASH with our new affiliate program!

This year has seen outstanding growth in every area of YoloBJJ‘s market presence. We now have retail stores on three continents and are in discussions with a retailer on a fourth!) and this past month has set records for our viewership and sales!

Affiliate Marketing is the perfect way to "share the wealth" with the BJJ Community!

Affiliate Marketing is the perfect way to “share the wealth” with the BJJ Community!

Our product line has grown from one gi (in three colors) to three five separate gi lines, including competition, superlights, ultralights, bamboo models, youth specific models and are in the sample stages of a fourth line designed specifically for beginners *update: Check out the “GOTM” brand here: http://www.yolobjj.com/go-kimonos/ ! We also have a full range of ranked rasghuards in every color and in both long and short sleeves as well as our VERY popular “Renaissance” rashguard, and fight shorts as well. As I said, the growth we have experienced this year has been phenomenal! But we know we still have a long way to go and that is where you come in!

Our Business Plan has always involved giving back to the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu community which is why we do things like sponsor athletes, sponsor BJJ related charities like Blackbelts for Butterflies and, recently our FIRST ever “Professional Sponsorship” with the American Grappling Challenge $1000.00 Women’s invitational!

YoloBJJ is Sponsoring our first Professional Women's Jiu-Jitsu event, Sept. 12

YoloBJJ is Sponsoring our first Professional Women’s Jiu-Jitsu event, Sept. 12

With all this growth and excitement we are even more stoked to announce our new Yolo Affiliate program!

The Yolo Affiliate program is a way for us to continue this outstanding growth trend while giving practitioners in the BJJ community the opportunity to benefit from that growth! It is a SUPER-SIMPLE program that allows affiliates (that’s you) to make a little money every time someone buys from Yolobjj.

Here is how easy it is:

  1. Fill out the form below
  2. We send you a link to our affiliate page.
  3. Sign up and put your special affiliate link on your website
  4. Start making money

It is really that simple!

Now, the fine print:

This affiliate program is intended to benefit the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu community, not

sample "skyscraper ad"

sample “skyscraper ad”

massive, search engine friendly, “Commission Pirates” that happen to have mastered SEO. It is for this reason that we ask you to fill out the form below so that we can verify that you are a real person.

Also, YoloBJJ does not believe and will not support unsavory tactics (i.e. black hat SEO) or social media spamming. Therefore, to be eligible for this program you should have a website on which to post your affiliate link, banners, etc…This website should be related to BJJ in some fashion. It is ideal for bloggers, academy websites, tournament organizer / presenter websites, BJJ community websites, etc. It is NOT intended to be “blank posted” (meaning just a link without any related reasoning behind posting it – *Note, even something as simple as “Hey guys, I am now an affiliate of YoloBJJ…please help support my BJJ dreams by purchasing any of your BJJ gear needs through THIS affiliate link” is enough to keep it kosher, but blank posting on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc…is not permitted.

Beyond that, you can promote it as much or as little as you like. The more people that click through your link, the more money you make. As soon as your earnings (5% of every sale made through your link) have met the minimum payout amount ($50.00 US) you will be paid directly through Paypal (in $US). If you do not have a Paypal account (hey, where have you been? ) go get one…It’s FREE and you can even transfer money directly from your Paypal into your personal bank account for FREE too! (click here to sign up for Paypal)

Oh, and there is ONE MORE benefit to being a YoloBJJ Affiliate! Because we don’t want to ask anyone to vouch for a product they haven’t tried we are offering all new affiliates (now and forever) the opportunity to try any or ALL of our products for wholesale cost, without the minimum purchase quantity restrictions that wholesale buyers have. That’s right, when you sign up for our affiliate program, we will send you a code good for a single use on any product(s) in our store. This code will get you the wholesale pricing ONE time (no more than ONE of each item please)! You can try as many or as few of our products as you like so that you can give an honest recommendation to your readers / registrants / viewers, etc.*Note – it is in no way mandatory for your to take advantage of this outstanding deal…but why wouldn’t you 🙂

So what are you waiting for?! If you are a BJJ blogger, academy owner, news site, lifestyle site, etc…there is absolutely NO reason not to sign up now! Affiliates have ZERO RISK with this program so sign up now!

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