The “Kimura Trap” at Combat 360X, Khao Lak, Thailand

Back from four days on the Andaman Sea, chasing Manta Rays, I was really stoked to get back on the mats at Combat 360X! I e-mailed Mike to make sure we were still a go for 5:30 no-gi and I got a fast response of “All good, look forward to seeing you”.

Eitan gave a great class and "schooled me" on it too! :-)

Eitan gave a great class and “schooled me” on it too! 🙂

I rolled into 360 X in my 200 Baht taxi (about $6 ) and once again saw the short, ferocious Muay Thai instructor. He gave a quick and friendly smile, which I returned, as I washed my feet before bowing and stepping on the mat. Continue reading

No-Gi at Combat 360X – Khao Lak, Thailand

So, as I mentioned before, I had initially thought that my short stay in Khao Lak was simply a step-off point for my live-aboard dive trip to the Similan Islands and that I wouldn’t be getting any BJJ for a week or so. As I have also mentioned before…that sucks for me! I miss more than 2 days in a row and I start getting anxious (though I am working on a healthy BJJ / life-balance) 🙂 Continue reading