Food in Thailand: Where Did I Eat and How Cheap Was It!!!

To sum up food in Thailand I will just say this: WOW!

Not because everything is mind-blowingly good, or because it is all so cheap, or because they are soooo many choices….

But, mainly because everywhere I went in Thailand I found a combination of all three! Continue reading

Manta Hunting in the Andaman Sea!

I checked my computer. We had been at 30 meters for about twenty minutes and my screen was flashing “High Nitrogen – Go Up”! I checked it again: 1000 psi of air remaining. My breathing was good. Slow, moderate breaths as I hovered about 3 meters off the bottom of the Andaman Sea, about 50 meters off the coast of Koh Tachai – a small island north of the Similan Island chain west of Peninsular Thailand. Continue reading

Elephants and Waterfalls in the jungles of Thailand

As I have said before, the point of travelling is not to find better Jiu-Jitsu out in the world, but instead to discover the world and all it has to offer the human experience. It is just fortunate for us living now that we can do this without giving up our ability to train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu! Continue reading

Soi Tai Ied…Muay Thai central and Thailand’s FAT CAMP.

After the overnight train (cool experience overall, despite how I might have sounded in my last post 🙂 ) and a four hour bus ride we finally landed in Chalong district on a street called Soi Tai Iad. Continue reading

2015 Report – Travel the World and Train BJJ for $50.00 a day?!?!

When I first decided to throw away all the material goods of my 20+ year career and travel the world training Jiu-Jitsu, I did a lot of research. Where would I go…where would I train…and how would I afford it. Continue reading

Last day in Bangkok and riding the “Thailand Express”

So, for our last day in Bangkok Peggy had been hard at work researching places to go and things to see! We had a train to catch at 7:30 pm and she had been working on filling the day with cool stuff to see before then. At first I was thinking…”Why we gotta be jammin’ in a bunch of stuff before we take the overnight train”? But then I remembered why we wanted to travel the world to begin with and it wasn’t so we could sit in hostel rooms staring at the walls. Continue reading

Finally! Training at Arete Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu!

Monday FINALLY came and my wife wanted a second chance at finding the Sampeng market in Chinatown. I was pretty much down for anything because I was stoked for training at Arete Brazilian Jiu-jitsu later that night. She could have told me to eat octopus testicles and I would have been, like…”YUP”! I had BJJ coming up that night so I hadn’t a care! Continue reading

Lost in Chinatown and the “Center of the Backpacking Universe”

Sunday morning came along and I was up early due to the screwed up sleep patterns of 36 hours of travel time (jet lag). I crashed again and finally got out of bed around 9:00 am thanks to my alarm. The plan for the day (my wife’s plan) was to explore the Bangkok Chinatown markets and see all the cool / crazy stuff that might be found there and then (my plan) to check out what has been labeled as the “Center of the Backpacking Universe”, the 1 km long Khao San Rd. Continue reading

36 Hours of Travel and One night in Bangkok…

My flight left from McGhee-Tyson airport in Knoxville, TN where I had been staying with In-laws for the Holidays and training with Samuel Braga and Crew at Gracie Barra, Knoxville.

A few days before take-off I had been visiting my team in Columbus, Ohio and took in a seminar with Professor Jorge Gurgel. Jorge’s seminars are always a lot of fun and Jorge is a great coach. this seminar was no exception until, somewhere along the line I pulled a muscle (or bruised a rib) near the floating ribs on my left side. Once back in Knoxville, I really tore it good training with a tough blue belt at GB Knox. Continue reading