Last training at Phuket Top Team

I went into the 11:00 am class at Phuket Top Team for my last class before moving on to the next YoloBJJ adventure destination. It was a gi class headed by Professor Abreu (he heads up all the gi classes). I had no idea that it was going to be one of the most fun classes of my ten days training here. Continue reading

A great No-Gi Session at Phuket Top Team

On Saturdays there isn’t a Gi class at Phuket Top Team but there is No-Gi class. Now, my training mates from back home know that, not only do I “not do” no-gi, but I actually avoid it! Why you ask? Why all the hating on no-gi? Continue reading

First Gi Class at Phuket Top Team

Head Instructor at PTT, Olavo Abreau

Head Instructor at PTT, Olavo Abreau

Finally got everything sorted out schedule-wise and was able to pop into Phuket Top Team for gi class last night. After taking a beating at Arete BJJ Bangkok two nights before I was kind of dreading it because I figured I was still pretty out of shape. I was relieved when Professor Olavo Abreau announced that he was going to slow it down a bit and take it easy today. I should have known it was too good to be true 🙂 Continue reading