Monarchy MMA – Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur

After spending a month in Bali surfing and training with Professor Niko Han at Synergy BJJ/MMA I had about a week of free time before I had to be in Koh Samui to meet up with some friends for a couple weeks of R&R. Problem was, my visa was running out for Indonesia so I had to GET OUT or risk paying a fine for overstaying. I took this as a blessing in disguise and headed back to Kuala Lumpur to spend a week training and hanging out with the folks at Monarchy MMA.

The Matspace at Monarchy MMA's Bangsar location.

The Matspace at Monarchy MMA’s Bangsar location.

This time around I stayed right next door to the gym at city center so I could jam in as much training as I could in four days. I also got the opportunity to train at Monarchy’s OTHER gym in Bangsar, which is what this trip report will focus on.

Bangsar is a non-touristy area of town about a half-hour cab ride from the gym at City Center and ran me around 15 Ringitt (around $4.00 US at the time).

I rolled up about 10 minutes early for the Saturday open mat and was excited to see Professor Bruninho walk up right on time. I had rolled with him just the night before at City center but this was my first time at the Bangsar gym.

SCUBA camp leaderboard

The Bangsar gym is on the second floor, in the building caddy corner from a department store called Bangsar Village (tell your cabby to take you to Bangsar Village). Once up the flight of stairs and through the secure door you are into the reception area of the gym.

Hot and Cold showers!!

Hot and Cold showers!!

The Bangsar gym is slightly larger than the City Center gym but is broken into several areas of mat space. There is a large open area with mats and heavy bags, a smaller space around the “L-Shaped” room and then a small, matted room, which I would guess is the “privates” room or something of that sort. The next room over has three hot / cold showers and a bathroom (Big plus to have hot showers) Most places in S.E. Asia do not have hot water showers (some don’t have showers at all).

Since it was a Saturday open mat we all kind of stretched out a bit and talked until Professor Bruninho said… “Alright guys, 6 minute rounds, let’s go”!

I rolled straight-away with Professor Bruninho and he looped choked me three times in a row 🙂 Finally, I had to stop him and ask for the update on exactly what I needed to be doing to make that stop 🙂 He was super cool and simply mentioned that “When passing the guard, you must always keep your posture up.”…Oh, yeah…I knew that….what was I thinking? Just getting a little lazy, I think.

Professor Bruninho showing me how to pass that Knee-Shield.

Professor Bruninho showing me how to pass that Knee-Shield.

We rolled the next round too and I couldn’t stop him from passing my guard. He stopped us and spent the next ten or so minutes showing me how it was he was passing my knee shield so easily. It was very cool to get some special attention because both my guard and my guard passing can always use some help.Leaderboardhere were about a dozen people training at the open mat and I got in a bunch of good rolls. Just like the last time I was here in KL everybody treated me really well and the humility and camaraderie at Monarchy is always top notch. 

Good size crew for Saturday Open Mat!

Good size crew for Saturday Open Mat!

I love training with Professor Bruninho and in the short time I have spent training with him he has become a friend. I look forward to the next time I get to come back and visit.

Make sure you take a day to go train with the folks at Monarchy the next time you are passing through KL!


Oss! Good training!


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