Tomorrow, September 12th, YoloBJJ Presents the Female No-Gi Invitational

YoloBJJ is proud to be a part of this and we hope others will see the value that promoting highly technical BJJ (on both sides of the gender line).! 🙂

The Guerreiras

Women’s Brazilian Jiu-Jit10421450_10100402118498603_5214790955615689046_nsu is growing. There has been a movement in recent years to give women the same prize money as men in tournaments. Many cash prize tournaments will only offer money to the male divisions, or will offer a prize to the women that is significantly less, citing the lack of female turnout as a reason. This year, Marcello Garcia and Dominyka Obelenyte petitioned the IBJJF to give equal pay for all bjj fighters. Tournaments such as FIVE Grappling have begun offering the same amount of money to male and female divisions, and have elicited an enthusiastic response from the female bjj population.

The Midwest is about to join in women’s jiu-jitsu history when the AGC launches its First Ever Female No-Gi Invitational in 12002948_10100402118503593_5179434785369070830_nHamilton, OH. Attracting women from Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Canada, and even Brazil, this tournament is about to raise the…

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