Last days in Knoxville…ready for Rio!

I got up early this morning, July 4th, to get one more mat session with Samuel Braga and crew at Gracie Barra, Knoxville. We had a great session with about an hour of drilling leg drags and berimbolos and then about an hour of specific training and free rolling. I have to say, these guys have been super-welcoming and I want to thank all of them for treating me like a BJJ brother! Oss!

Training with Samuel Braga ad Crew

Training with Samuel Braga and Crew

At the end of the two-hour session Samuel asked me to do a short video “testimonial” for the school. No Problem! These guys make it very easy to say good things about them.

From World Champion Samuel Braga taking the time to roll with me, a lowly purple belt, to every other black, brown, purple, blue, and white that I rolled with. No egos going on here. Just great training, at a high level, with great people and a world champion! Hard to beat that!

I even picked up a new athlete to sponsor with my brand YoloBJJ, Joe Watson. Joe is a purple under Professor Braga and a strong competitor from Professor Braga’s team. I am really excited to help support Joe in his pursuit of BJJ greatness!

In the meantime, I have got a lot of packing to do: gis to wash (a lot of them), decisions to make (what to leave behind), etc.

I am SUPER-STOKED to be going to Rio De Janeiro to train with one of the legends of the sport, Professor Ricardo De La Riva! It seems somewhat poignant to go from training with the creator of the Berimbolo, to the creator of the De La Riva (from which the Berimbolo is derived).

I happened to ask Professor Braga how it was he came up with an entirely new innovation in BJJ, and he said…”well…I love to play De La Riva, but I kept getting stuck after I would sweep guys backwards so, instead of fighting it…I just…came up with it”. His tone is always so humble! I love Professor’s attitude and love of the sport.

OK, enough talking…time to clean the gis. See you in RIO!!!!

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