Tough sessions at GB Knoxville!

SO, I’ve been in Knoxville for about two weeks now and I gotta tell ya, I am SORE! Professor Braga runs a solid school here with Black belts, Brown’s and plenty of Purple, Blues and Whites.

Now, admittedly, I have been off my game a bit since returning from Mexico. I first noticed when I stopped by my home school The Ohio Combat Sports Academy for about a week. I was home just in time to catch the Kurt Osiander seminar and then to stick around and catch a couple days of open mats. They were beating me up pretty good. I reasoned that it was because I had been teaching classes more than being taught while I was in Mexico and that they had been training hard for the last four months while I was out “living the dream”.

All of the above is true, of course, but it turns out there was something more happening than I realized.

When I settled in at GB Knoxville about a week and a half ago, I started training right away. What I noticed right off the bat was that these guys GOT SKILLS! Professor Braga teaches a very technical and offense focused game. As soon as you fist bump / clap these guys are lunging, making grips, pulling me into De La Riva and, most often right now, ‘Worm Guarding’ me into oblivion!! Professor Braga, I will say, sets the example in this as I think he might make the fastest grips I have ever seen! Sometimes when I roll with him I will literally dive at his collar to make grips for a knee slide pass. No chance! Before my hand makes it to his collar he has a pocket grip on my sleeve and has one leg deep in De La Riva! I’m telling you, SUPERFAST!

Anyway, I digress. As I started training with the Braga crew I noticed how aggressive, explosive and strong they all seemed to be. I was gassing in the middle of the second round. It wasn’t until about three days into training that I realized I had to use my inhaler (exercise induced asthma) twice in the past two days. That s really unusual for me. Normally I use it twice or three times per year in August when it’s 95 degree and humid. The weather here has been high 70’s and moderately humid. After a week of continued issues (needing breaks between rounds, rescue inhaler, and leaving class early gassed) I started to realize there was something else going on.

In Mexico, what we (here in the U.S.) consider “prescription” medications are mostly over-the-counter and since I quit my job and no longer have prescription insurance I figured that worked out pretty well. So, while I was there I picked up about six months worth of montelukast (Generic Singulair – my daily asthma med). I also bought about thirty cyclobenzaprine tablets (a muscle relaxer I self-prescribe when I ache to much to lie still at night :-). I realized with the first use that the Mexican generic version of cyclobenzaprine was not nearly as strong as the U.S. version – About half as strong actually. I began to wonder if the same could be true of the Mexican montelukast I had bought and been using for about three weeks.

Not having a family Doctor is another thing you give up when you quit your job and sell everything to travel the world training BJJ. So…self-prescribing is pretty much a way of life for me, for better or worse. I made the decision about five days ago to start doubling up on my montelukast. Thankfully, for the last two days I have been able to go the entire class without my inhaler and without resting anymore than I normally would (I take my share ).

I have felt pretty good the last couple training sessions and can now start focusing on this Worm Guard stuff Samuel has been teaching everyone. Today, after class I told Samuel how good class was and he said, “Hey, that’s great man! So come back tonight at 6:00”!

I said, “Man, I’m sore as hell as it is.” and he said…

“Man, you gonna be sore sitting at home, you might as well come in and be sore doing Jiu-Jitsu”.

I had to laugh. So… off to 6:00 class I go!


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