New products available in our “store”

If you haven’t checked it out in a while, please take a moment to visit our retail site which offers the finest in BJJ gear at some of the best prices in the world. It is our goal to provide the highest quality gear at “average” prices. We don’t think that any other BJJ company on the planet offers gear this good at prices this low. Out of love for BJJ and respect for the community, we do not manufacture ANY “budget” or “Bargain Bin” products. Everything we offer is spec’ed out at the highest quality: equaling, or in most cases, exceeding our competitors’ quality at solid, reasonable prices.

New Ranked Rashguards:
Purple LS White F LS Brown LS Blue F  LS Black LS

Don’t miss out on the pre-orders for our NEW Carioca model in 50/50 bamboo/cotton. It is currently at 15% off. A bamboo gi for $135 (plus free shipping) is virtually UNHEARD of. Once the gis have shipped from the factory, the discount disappears…of course you will still be able to get them for a measly $159.00 ( also ridiculously low priced).

Carioca Superlight 350

OSSS to all!

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