U.S. Mat Surfing tour needs help!

So…I am starting to toy with this idea pretty seriously: I start my world travels in January, but I would like to do a “mat-surfing” tour of the U.S. first. My time-frame would be September-mid-Nov. and I would like to travel to as many different schools as possible on this road-trip. Here is the catch: Quitting your job doesn’t leave you much money, so I would rely heavily on the fellowship of my fellow Jiu-Jiteros with couchsurfing, waived mat-fees, etc…whatever help would be possible.

Some gyms I would LOVE to visit: Marcello, NY, AOJ CA, Gracie academy CA, Cyborg FL, Robson FL…but I would enjoy meeting any team anywhere. My plan is to begin travelling the first week of September.

The route will depend on what / where I can line up a couch / mat to surf…ideally I will circuit the U.S. something like: Ohio, TN, FL, then through the heart of the country (Miss., KN, TX, Nevada, CA (San Diego?), then back through the north part of the U.S.: Oregon. Idaho, Wisconsin, and into Michigan, etc… BUT…that route is completely made up 🙂 Any number of routes are possible.(**not my route...stock image...not my route…stock image…)

Please hit me up if you think you can help out, let me surf your couch, visit your school, or know someone who might be able to help ! Thanks All! Oss!

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